It’s Never a Quiet Day at the Leinster

No Ted Woollan, (motor cycle grand prix) no John Curtis (OS again), Annie Smith (rehearsing) for her next Dizzy’s gig (13th Nov)) and a beautiful sunny Sunday as well. No great expectations for this particular jam.

As anticipated it started slowly with a saxophone/guitar duo (Ben and Colin)….. but not for long. In walked Shaun who is very handy on the keys, Marion and her “electric” jazz recorders, Don who plays a handy bass line on his guitar and our host, Glen was able to spend some time on the drums. Noel and Jeff had also arrived with their tenors and Chelly and Kay added much needed vocal expertise. So the jam was away and running with all basses covered. (except there wasn’t a real bass).

We were later joined Jack on trombone and Keith on alto and clarinet. Just when Glen vacated the drum seat to returned to bar duties. Dean Constable arrived to continue to make percussive sounds on the kit. Ben and Don swapped from guitar chords to bass lines several times during the course of an interesting musical (?) journey.

Lots heading to Wangaratta next weekend but there will be the normal jam as usual with Frank O’Brien marshalling the troupes.


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