Xmas Breakup Party at the Leinster – Sun 2nd Dec

Everybody is welcome at the all singing, all dancing Melbourne Jazz Jammers annual Xmas Breakup Party at the Leinster Arms Hotel on Sunday 2nd Dec from 12noon till late afternoon.

Don’t worry if you can’t dance or sing as you will be in good and similar company.

I am informed that as in past years formal attire suitable for such an august occasion (in December) will be required.

Undoubtedly Santa will bring his trombone and party hat.

I am also informed that there will be a special surprise (which should be regarded as separate and distinct from a fairly ordinary surprise) at this event. 

Leinster Arms
Gold Street


book early for lunch! phone 9417 5720

28 Musicians turn up to Jam Session: Appalling racket ensues. Only Played Summertime once…

Well, these days, it is hardly news, is it? Pleasant little excursion up Punt Road, Bob on the reminisce and all is well with the world.. strolled into the Gold Street Sheltered Workshop to find the first stanza under way, Melinda laying down the beats, the Captain soloing, some dude playing flugelhorn in between being disgruntled at this that and the other. When gruntled, he played rather well…. All sorts of people turned up as the Arvo wore on – the sublime Sarah taking several years off Todd’s piano playing career by accidentally exposing him to the full horror of a dysfunctional jam session band, with its choice of tempos and arrangements, and guitar backing laid over rather than under everything… Poor Todd, visibly shaken, retired to the back bar to recover, which he did with the aid of strong drink and sympathy – after we cleared out the backing band they cooked up a storm later on. 

Which should have been the highlight of the Arvo, only Agus came along and conjured up a rippin’ version of So What, well accompanied by Adam (bass) Denis (drums) and the Captain in fine form. 

Which should have been the highlight of the Arvo, only Professor Stan took the honours for  the afternoon by swinging his bass beautifully, with Ben on guitar setting  a solid rhythm section. I think there must be something in the water in Wangaratta… 

Which should have been the highlight of the afternoon, and , for me , was.. 

All of which means, I am not going to mention Kay, Gentleman John C, is Don is good, Jack the Invisible, Sam on mini sax, happy Trevor, POCKOTL, Scott, Rusty Pete etc etc. Consider yourselves all unmentioned, and in some cases, unmentionable. 

But that is another story. Ya wouldn’t be dead for quids.


Wendy Saddington and Henry Manetta & Adam Rudegeair

Fortyfivedownstairs and PBS106.7FM Present….

Wendy Saddington and Henry Manetta 

A Soul Seance
Accompanied by Adam Rudegeair on piano
Wednesday December 12th
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
7:30pm   $28/25 conc + bookings of 6 or more.
Ph. (03) 9662 9966
Legendary Australian blues icon Wendy Saddington returns to the Melbourne stage
in a stripped back setting of voice and piano that highlights her astonishing vocal
soul power.
From the late 60s on, Wendy has been a spearhead of artistic integrity. A touchstone
of unique, impassioned and psychedelically wild energy, she broke the mould with her
hallucinogenic screams, subtle nuances and theatrical appearance.
“Saddington’s voice is still a ferocious instrument that could send a bluesy shiver down
the spine.” John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald.
In A Soul Seance Wendy will perform gems that span the breadth of her forty five year
career, including songs from her major influences Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone, and
some new pieces handpicked especially for this show.
Soul/jazz maverick Henry Manetta opens the show with a set of original songs and also
performs with Wendy on some ecstatic new workouts, as well as a Saddington classic
or two.
They will be accompanied by the remarkable Adam Rudegeair on piano.
“Wendy Saddington is the real thing, as honest, brutal, haunting and pure a songstress
as Australia has ever had the honour of laying claim to.” Lo Carmen, Collapseboard.
“Defiantly individual and possessing a vocal range that almost defies belief, Henry
draws influences from the grand traditions of jazz and soul.” Matthew Frederick, The

At Dizzy’s

Saturday, 17 November

Tracy Bartram

While Tracy Bartram is best known for her quick wit and hilarious slice-of-life anecdotes, at Dizzy’s we know her better as a wonderful jazz singer with a fantastic band. Her shows take you on a wonderful jazz journey through the ages with lots of laughs in between

Start Time: 9:00 PM
Entry Fee: $20.00/$16.00

Saturday, 24 November

John Montesante Quintet with Elly Hoyt

Elly Hoyt is a rising star in the Australian Jazz Scene, as singer, songwriter and musician.
After graduating from Conservatorium of Music, Griffin University, she went on to win the James
Morrison’s ‘Generations of Jazz’ vocal scholarship in 2008. Of her, Morrison said:

“From the moment I first heard Elly sing, I knew she had that classic, indefinable thing that makes
one a jazz singer. It’s not just a sound, or a choice of notes but a way of approaching a song that
lets the listener know – this is the real thing.”

Her career has taken off since and we are delighted to showcase her superb talents at Dizzy’s
on November 24th. With her onstage will be John Montesante (trumpet/flugel), Scott Lambie (drums), Dean Addison (double bass) & Joe Ruberto (piano).
Come and experience one of Australia’s future jazz greats.

Book early to avoid disappointment!

Start Time: 9:00 PM
Entry Fee: $20.00/$16.00

Visit our website for more details:


Dizzy’s Jazz Club
381 Burnley Street
Richmond Victoria

(03) 9428 1233


Annie Smith at Dizzy’s

Hi all. At last it is once again time to alert but not alarm you about my upcoming gig
@ Dizzy’s
Tuesday Nov 13 at 8pm

That’s the Tuesday after Cup Day so ….. plenty of time to recover from whatever you’ve won or lost on the cup and get your frocks on again to come to Dizzy’s.

for a great night of jazz.

The line up includes the wonderful Neil Taylor on piano, David Taylor on bass, Allan Smith on drums and Barry Boyes-Smith (I’ve asked him to change his name!!!) on saxes …a great bunch of musos to warble with!

I’m delighted to have the opportunity once again so hope you can make it on the night.

Dizzy’s 381 Burnley St Richmond.

They have yummy food too if you feel like dining. Bookings preferable on 9428 1233
Entry $14/$10
Hope to catch up with you there!
Cheers, Annie


Wangaratta Jazz Festival: Lowering the tone..

Jammers et al Wangaratta 2012

Guided by the Captain’s detailed instructions, we circled the town seven times before finding the rented accommodation… 8 sessions over three days ensued, leaving us all exhausted. Photographs? You should be so lucky… I managed to delete them all in a senior moment (can’t remember the last time I had one of those…), probably much to the relief of the guilty. I am in receipt of the Headmaster’s end of year report, however, which reads as follows;

Captain Chaos (saxaphone) Head Prefect. Maintained some sort of order, apparently has limited understanding of the words “sleep”, “tired”,  and “can we have a break”

La Smiff (class trouble maker) Clearly has a lot of growing up to do. Majored in Needlework, kept us all in stitches. Entertaining.

Young Kay: worked hard, but will undoubtedly come to a bad end. Eventually.

Ben (guitar) And roadie, seeing as he set up the PA eight times. Big improver, impeccable attendance record: we even told him to turn his guitar up

Keef (saxaphone) Brought plentiful charts, of which we played precisely … err… none. Keef had a fine term studying classics, and shows a firm grasp of the Homeric Saga: more the length than the form…

Marion (recorders): Requires an excessive amount of equipment to blow through a wooden pipe. Bie Mir Bist Du Schon was fun, but…

Amy (eyelashes). Sang rather well, in fine “form” . Which she spells  fmro or fffr or mfor, depending on which words she can remember at the time…

Ruby Rogers (party Animal) Rumoured to have ended up at the Golf Club not the Jazz Club. Fine singing when conscious.

Avi :  Played twice as many notes in half the sessions, mainly due to trying to keep up with Miss Rogers.

Stan (bass): The Professor started rather stolidly but ended by swing the tits of most everything.

Ann Hayres: vocals: after some quality singing, her rendition of C’Est Si Bon was in the finest traditions of the jammers. Tended to be absent due to a predilection for listening to music.

Buddy (smooth vocals and PA) His fine and detailed adjustment of the foldback controls left Buddy satisfied with the sound system. The foldback controls were not connected. Could sing through a bucket and still sound good: might suggest that to him..

Jack The Lad: When not playing some fine trombonic solos, amused himself by telling the pianist to just play all the black notes. Helpful..

Toni: (drums) Carried them ain and out of every venue, assisted by Simon who helpfully tested them every time the  kit was assembled.

Ashley: duettist and drummer. Favoured treatment due to close local association with the landlord. Needs another session at the Grand to recover…

Ted (piano)  Brilliant all weekend, then stopped dreaming and woke up..

The Grand Hotel

Sam Izzo accompanied the Queensland bound Jo Loth on Friday, whilst Agus Batara kept up with Carol Whitfield on Saturday

Kay, Captain, Andrew Lye and meself played a rippin’ little set for the Melbourne Cup breakfast on Tuesday.

This week, Chelly Parisi turns up the wick on Friday night, and Michelle Gigliotti revives some early blues and jazz standards on Saturday.

Mystery Week at the Lunatic Soup Lounge

God knows what happened at the Leinster this week, I wasn’t there, and she’s not telling. I am unreliably informed that Frank the Indefatigable ran a tight ship, and a good time was had by all. Not easy with so mjany regulrs away, so Mr F is to be plied with sympathy and strong liquor next time he turns up.
Onya Frankie boy!

‘Jazz Notes’ – Brunswick and Marysville

While the Captain was holidaying with Hortense in Wangaratta, we had our last Sunday at Bar Oussou.

At the last minute, our line-up changed: Juliane was unwell! Fortunately, Chelly Parisi and Marge Hamilton stepped up, giving us an exciting finish to our season at Bar Oussou:

Marge Hamilton & Chelly Parisi (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blaze (guitar)
Andrew Eames (bass)
Allan Smith (drums)

On Monday, we headed up to Lake Mountain, playing the Gala Dinner at the awards for the best sparkling wines in Australia. A gourmet dinner for 150 guests with the best sparkling wines – it was quite a night! For the first time, I was asked to turn DOWN the guitar!

Juliane Pasternak (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blaze (guitar)
Andrew Eames (bass)
Rob Mercer (drums)

There are some pics at: http://www.jazznotes.net.au .
Over the next few weeks, we’ll consolidate and expand our repertoire. But, if you hear of anyone who might like to engage a band, we’re available!

Nicole Thorne Trio

The Nicole Thorne Trio is one of Victoria’s most celebrated modern jazz groups. They perform jazz standards in new ways, featuring wonderful interactions between Nicole on keyboards, Eiji Takemoto on bass and Graham Morris on drums.

The Nicole Thorne Trio will present a concert of jazz standards with an unusual interpretation. Nicole is accompanied by master bassist Eiji Takemoto and drummer/percussionist Graham Morris. Special guest appearance by singer Annie Clyde

General Admission $22, cabaret style tables of 6

4pm Sat 10th Nov Kingston Arts Centre Moorabbin


Summer Swing Smackdown at the Melbourne Lindy Exchange!

The Summer Swing Smackdown is one of the most exciting swing music and dance productions to grace Australia’s stages in recent years. HMS PopUp Productions is bringing this spectacular show to Melbourne.

In an epic event not seen since the Savoy years, four premier Australian swing bands will go head-to-head – each performing in an exciting boxing ring battle.

The bands face each other on four sides of a huge dance floor, playing song for song in a fast-paced musical shootout. Dance teams from four different states will also compete for the coveted Summer Swing Smackdown Champion’s trophy through stunning dance demonstrations, to the live sounds of their chosen band.

Three of Melbourne’s best and brightest, Andrew Swann and his Swingin’ Assassins, The Barrelhouse Dreamers, Loni Rae and the Martinis and Adelaide’s premier swing band, The Lucky Seven, will be brought together by HMS Pop-Up Productions to face off in this incredible showcase.

The inaugural Summer Swing Smackdown, staged in Perth, sold out two weeks before opening and tickets became a rare commodity as music lovers and dancers alike vied for precious spaces at the table of Perth’s Swing royalty. This special event, a travelling showcase of spectacular swing talent, will delight Melbourne audiences just as it did Perth punters!

This will be the first time these talented jazz, swing and blues musicians have met in one incredible line-up, at St Kilda Town Hall, and it will be an event not-to-be-missed. Dance demonstrations, saucy cigarette girls and the crowd pleasing antics of HMS PopUp Productions’ marvellous Mistresses of Ceremonies, The Captains Three, make this once a year spectacular the swing scene’s night of nights. Throw on your gloves, throw off your robe and let’s get ready to rumble!

Venue: St Kilda Town Hall

Date: Saturday 24th November 2012

Time: 7pm – 12am (25th Nov)

For ticketing information see: https://summerswingsmackdownmlx.epicevent.com/hmspopup

For a taster of the inaugural Summer Swing Smackdown see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I3kYSIVpT8

For more information see: http://www.facebook.com/events/114434492047762/