What’s on at The Grand

Last week, Anne Hayres entertained on Friday, for a crowd that seemed more intent on gossip than listening at times. Risa had another good crowd on Saturday, and entertained them as only Risa can. More please.

This week, Ruby Rogers is belting it up again on Friday 26th October. Judging by the sequins littering the carpet last time, almost anything could happen. She has a bunch of new ballads to try out, as well as reprising her recent recording. Avi Ganesan on bass, Tom “Snooze” Doublier on drums.

Saturday 27th October, and Amy Jaulin will be giving the tonsils a workout. A range of jazz ballads and up tempo numbers, worth a visit just for the high notes and the false eyelashes… Andrew “smooth as” Lye takes over bass for this one.

So You Would Like a Session at The Grand?
Stats for October: we will have used 8 singers, 6 bass players, 3 drummers and 3 pianists this month. 19 of the 20 have previously attended jam sessions. 2 had their first session at the Grand. There are currently 14 singers interested in a Grand Hotel Session, as well as 8 bass players, 5 pianists, and 6 drummers, and 6 soloists.

Organising two line-ups a week is a little taxing. The aim is to put together a singer, drums, piano, bass and a solo instrument to play three sets..We are trying to introduce new players from the Jam Sessions as much as possible, mixing them up with the more experienced musos. Get in touch with meself or Col at the Leinster jam and we will do our best. Good opening lines include “I was playing at the Leinster and it occurred to me…” because we should all encourage the jammers; although you could try “I have a 19 year old niece in showbiz and…” If that doesn’t work, you could try “I am a 19 year old niece in showbiz and… ” .

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