All That’s Fit to Print

Oh hell, it’;s almost the weekend, and the news from Altona West is well overdue…

It is hard to know where to start, as Hortense is fond of saying, or something like that. Last week’s jam session was exceptional, as almost all of them tend to be of late. Really must work out what we are doing right and stop it immediately.

Great to see a wall of musos queuing up to get their chance in the, well not really spotlight, more a spot of light in the murky confines of the back bar at the Gold Street Gossip Shop and low rent Lizard Lounge. Lots of new, and old faces turned up, and I rather think the bar has shrunk as there is no longer a wide selection of places to park and listen.

Highlights of the session  were a great rendition of Summertime, with Melinda at the helm and all sorts of people joining in; and Ali stepping up to sing, plastic sax still resolutely in hand.

Hortense, had she been lurking round the back, as she might well have been, would have been entertained by some elegant piano from Gentleman John Curtis, Vincenzo and Bob, as well as songs from the Lycra Lass, Melinda, and an increasingly confident Chelly. Danilo got excited on the drums, as is the Italian way, even Mr T played some fine bass, which just goes to show that he is consistently inconsistent, or the other way round, probably both.

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