Brief ramblings from the Leinster Arms

Henry Ford famously commented that “History is bunk!”  and, thus dismissing the past, proceeded to invent the production line, trade unions, the Tea break, global warming and the RACV, although not necessarily in that order. To rely on past performance as an indicator of the future condemns us all to mediocrity. 

Which brings me to the Sunday arvo jam sessions, historic repository of incompetence and enthusiasm in equal measure.. these days there appears to be music emanating from the dingy corners of the back bar. Ridiculous concept, we’ve managed for years without it. And given that the core audience comprised of the venerable Lunatic Soup Lounge and Gossip Shop consists almost exclusively of the  musically challenged, tone deaf and beer bereft, is it really necessary?

It would seem so. This week saw no less than six pianists as well as Ben on guitar, Brian and then Avi on bass, and both making the new bass amp sound pretty good. They were joined by a swag of drummers (Danilo, Sebastien, James), and trumpets (Lee, Murray), trombone, saxaphones (Ari, Captain Chaos, Alex amongst others) and rather a lot of singers, all young, talented  and demurely modest, or not as the case may be. 

Singers? Great to see Kay back on tonsils, as well as Chelly, Melinda, Debbie and Ann H doing their various things rather better than usual:  even POCKOTL, holding court once more, was impressed. Highlights of a great session included Miss Lisette (so rare an event that neither John Curtis nor I had ever heard her play piano before) Vincenzo on keys a class act, and Ben’s increasingly sophisticated jazz guitar. 

All of which, if Henry was right, is no guarantee that it will be anything other than back to bop, bash, crash and tinkle, train wrecks to the fore and all round chaos next week. 

Expect the unexpected (just like owning a Ford, really…)

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