Tonsil week at the Lunatic Soup Lounge

You can never tell what will happen next at the Leinster Lunatic Soup Lounge – one week there can be twenty plus musos making the most appalling racket, and the next week there can be the most appalling racket made by twenty plus musos. I have tried checking to see if we are all using the same charts, and sadly, the answer is often yes. Sometimes there will be one or two charts upside down, but this only results in a barely discernible  improvement… fortunately, the musically challenged and lightly medicated audience doesn’t seem to mind, although they show a preference for fat chips rather than the skinny variety, which do not fit as neatly in the ear, apparently.

But I digress: Tonsil week: a packed Gossip Shop last Sunday, with at least 9 singers other than Jack that I can remember – umm… Chelly, Chloe, Melinda, Candace, Virginia, Millie, (three newcomers, all good), Kay, Debbie, La Smiff; the last three finishing with a three part rendition of Take The A Train, carefully posteritised by Alf who proceeded to put the whole thing on Facebook. Check it out, if only for the guitar solo that could only be described as unique. Hopefully.

Lots of other musos rocked up, (Curtis, Vincenzo, Danilo, two Pauls, Ali the Plastic, Keef, Bob, Brian, Avi etc. etc.) and played some fine music (note use of word some) all led by the Captain, who should know better but cares not to….

Happy days: see ya there next week?

The Grand Hotel… Not tonight, Josephine

Sadly, this week’s sessions at the Grand have been cancelled in favour of GF functions on both Friday and Saturday.

In yet another blow to the Captain Chaos Quartet’s collective lack of self esteem, there has been no request from the AFL for CC and the lads to provide the AFL Grand Final pre match entertainment. And we all thought we were every bit as bad  as last year’s Meatloaf, if not quite as American.

Wangaratta Jazz Festival

Melbourne Jazz Jammers at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival

As many of you already know, we have a residency in the Bulls Head Hotel for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival as well as other opportunities to perform. In addition we have purchased three tickets($240 each) to the main events to mix and match amongst ourselves.

Should be a great weekend so if you wish to be part if it… please fill in the following ASAP and email to

MJJs at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival 2nd – 4th Nov

Name …………………………………………………….

Estimated time of arrival …………………………..

Mobile ……………………………………………………

Will you be able to play/sing Friday evening?    YES      NO

Will you need accommodation?    YES       NO

If yes ………which of the following will be suitable for you?

Share house 4 bed rooms (approx $120 pp 3 nights) *

(will you be bringing a partner?   Yes  No)

Motel room (3 options see below)

Will you need a lift?   YES       NO

Can you offer a lift?

Three Motel Rooms have been put aside at the Park View Motor Inn (min 2 nights)

One Two bedroom apartment that has a queen bed in one bedroom and 3 single beds in the second bedroom – sleep 4 poss 5 – cost $160 per night regardless of numbers

One Family Motel Room – One queen bed and 2 Single beds – cost 3 people $120 per night

One Double/Twin Motel room – One queen bed and one single bed – Cost 2 people $110 – 3 people $120 per night Further alternative…shoebox in main street at $600.00 per night.

Contact me ASAP if you wish to book

*Share house is booked for three nights. Charge will be same for everybody who stays inclusive of one, two or three nights. I will contact you regarding a $50.00 deposit. (I have had to pay $1200 up front to secure the premises.)

The Gold Street Gossip Shop and Lizard Lounge Memoirs, Chapter 47…

The Leinster can be a strange place, populated as it occasionally is with hirsute gentlefolk whose IQ almost precisely matches the number of their teeth missing. They and their boyfriends have, of late, become  inured (or inebriated) to the Sunday Arvo incursion of comedians calling themselves musicians, or is it the other way round, you can never be sure.

So it was that this week’s bossa bungling, blues bashing and jazz mangling began. Not a huge crowd, but a quality afternoon of  music. The Captain got quite excited at the prospect of Stuart (saxaphone) and his oppo on Trombone dropping in for a red hot go, and so he should. They definitely lifted the standard. Props to Andrew Putnam for some fine drumming all afternoon.

Highlight No 1 A young girl, assisted by her father to the piano, got up to play – nothing special until she decided she would sing My Funny Valentine. Didn’t know what key, and it is a song whose form could lead anyone astray, but she nailed it to the absolute best of her ability, with a band that responded in kind. Aforementioned pater grinning from ear to ear.

Highlight No 2: Young Adam Rudegair, master of ceremonies for the jams for many years, wandered in as he does every five years or so,  sat down and played some great piano.

Highlight No 3: An English lass who was there with about a dozen friends, got persuaded to get up and sing “Summertime”. As is quite traditional, she protested that (a) she didn’t know the song, (b) she didn’t really know how to sing, and (c) she was as nervous as all get out. We explained that this had never stopped anyone before and she duly managed (with some assistance from Captain Chaos) to get through the ordeal, much to the delight of her audience and an enthusiastic band..

Hard to decide which was best. Three performances, each, in their own way, exactly what the jam sessions should be.

What’s on at the Grand

Friday night saw a pretty good turn out for Amy Jaulin, whose ability to be blonde and ditzy would keep any band on their toes, whilst driving an audience to strong drink. Great singing as ever, and the bar was busy all night.

Saturday saw the return of Buddy Love, ably accompanied by Agus Batara doing some amazing stuff on piano. Buddy has a developed a distinctive relaxed vocal styling – and delivered an enjoyable night, to a noticeably bigger audience than last time.

Friday 21st: Juliane Pasternak will be singing, Sam Izzo on piano, Kip Dale on bass, Andrew Putnam on drums, Lee on trumpet. Now that should be a night.

Saturday 22nd: Gentleman John Curtis and the Debonairs will be accompanying the delectable Miss Smiff. Nuff said…

Jazz Notes at Bar Oussou

Jazz Notes at Bar Oussou – time changed for this week It was great to see so many people for our first time at Bar Oussou.

Some photos are at .

This Sunday, the line-up will be: Juliane Pasternak (vocals) Ann Craig (flute) Kevin Blaze (guitar) Andrew Eames (bass) Poul Grage (percussion)

Please note the later start.
Sun 23 Sep 2012, 6-9pm

Sun 30 Sep 2012, 4-7pm

Sun 7 Oct 2012, 4-7pm

Bar Oussou, 653 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Sweet Ade at The Rosstown Sun 14th Oct

Sweet Ade has a gig at the Rosstown Hotel, on Sunday afternoon, October 14 from 1.30 – 4.30 pm.
The address is 1084 Dandenong Rd., Carnegie and phone number 95711033.

The band is inspired by, but not limited to, Ade Monsborough’s music for recorder. We include selections from his “Recorder In Ragtime”, his settings of Henry Lawson poetry and his other compositions, as well as other Australian material and a few jazz standards. The genre is mainly trad/ragtime but with an unusual line-up and interesting material which isn’t played much – mostly light-hearted, fun and a bit quirky.

The musicians for the afternoon will be: Marion Lustig (recorders), Peter Mason (reeds), Lisette Payet (piano), Andrew Stephens (banjo), Joe Kenyon (sousaphone), Janet Arndt (vocals) and Howard Rowe as our guest on washboard and drums.

Bistro lunch is available from 12 noon and bookings are highly recommended. Cheers, Marion

Jaz Stutley’s Frilly Knickers

Hullo to all our Frilly Friends. Four items for your delectation (word of the day):
1. Frilly Knickers is in the Darebin Music Feast September 29th, 4-7pm, Wesley Anne, 250 High St. Northcote, $15.00 Bookings: 0419 363 623

2. Jaz will be on Ann Creber’s “The Good Life” programme on 3MDR 97.1FM on Monday next, 17th September at 4.05pm talking about the Frilly Knickers Jazz Band and the Darebin Music Feast, and this and that …

3. A video of “Georgia Grind” from Barham Jazz Festival has been posted on our Facebook page – check it out!

4. … And this video has also been posted on YouTube – you beaut!
Happy Springing – jaz

Toby Wren Quartet “Rich and Famous” CD Launch

Can I post a couple of gigs on your website?

Toby Wren Quartet “Rich and Famous” CD Launch.

4 October – Uptown

The Toby Wren Quartet visit Melbourne to launch their fifth recording of original compositions. “Rich and Famous” captures the improvisational energy and rhythmic thrills of one of Australia’s most compelling and satisfying contemporary jazz ensembles.

Toby Wren (gtr); Joseph O’Connor (pf); Andrew Shaw (db); Chris Vale (dr).

5 October – Albury Jazz Basement

7 October – Bennetts Lane

Songs from the new album “Rich and Famous” and 2009s “Everything Must Go” featuring Jamie Oehlers on tenor saxophone.

Toby Wren (gtr); Jamie Oehlers (ts); Andrew Shaw (db); Chris Vale (dr).


All That’s Fit to Print

Oh hell, it’;s almost the weekend, and the news from Altona West is well overdue…

It is hard to know where to start, as Hortense is fond of saying, or something like that. Last week’s jam session was exceptional, as almost all of them tend to be of late. Really must work out what we are doing right and stop it immediately.

Great to see a wall of musos queuing up to get their chance in the, well not really spotlight, more a spot of light in the murky confines of the back bar at the Gold Street Gossip Shop and low rent Lizard Lounge. Lots of new, and old faces turned up, and I rather think the bar has shrunk as there is no longer a wide selection of places to park and listen.

Highlights of the session  were a great rendition of Summertime, with Melinda at the helm and all sorts of people joining in; and Ali stepping up to sing, plastic sax still resolutely in hand.

Hortense, had she been lurking round the back, as she might well have been, would have been entertained by some elegant piano from Gentleman John Curtis, Vincenzo and Bob, as well as songs from the Lycra Lass, Melinda, and an increasingly confident Chelly. Danilo got excited on the drums, as is the Italian way, even Mr T played some fine bass, which just goes to show that he is consistently inconsistent, or the other way round, probably both.

What’s on at The Grand

Friday 14th sees the return of young Amy Jaulin – an eclectic bunch of songs, some old, some new, some swing some blue, a great voice and an entertaining evening, with her regular band behind her – Avi, Tom and meself.

Saturday 15th and Buddy Love will be singing, with a new line-up: Agus Batara Piano, Simon Atkinson Drums, Kepler Ryan Sax and Clarinet, Andrew Lye Bass and possibly Captain Chaos himself on Sax Interchange . Buddy will also be flogging his latest CD at the discounted price of $15. So if that is your thing, get on down and grab a bargain to boot. 

Next week, we have booked Juliane Pasternak on Friday 21st, and the hilarious but strangely intoxicating Anne Smiiff on Saturday 22nd. Cocktails and canapes all round…

MJC: The Women’s Festival Sextet feat. Shannon Barnett

Tuesday 18th September 2012
Bennet’s Lane

Since 2000, the MWIJF seeks each year to form a sextet of leading female musicians to perform and promote their own original material. Past members have included Felicity Provan, Monique di Mattina, Anita Hustas, Nadje Noordhuis and Fiona Burnett. With trombonist Shannon Barnett on a visit from study in New York State, the sextet’s core rhythm section members Andrea Keller (piano) Tamara Murphy (bass) and Sonja Horbelt (drums) are again joined by Gian Slater (vocals) and Fran Swinn (guitar). The performance will feature originals compositions by all six members.