The Grand Hotel:

Last week saw two great nights from Amy Jaulin, and Miss Ruby Rogers, both of whom seemed to pull a goodly crowd, most of whom failed to leave entirely sober.. lots of new songs, and some great ballads, both nights… 

Cool jazz

This week Juliane Pasternak sings on Friday, 17th August accompanied by Lee on trumpet/flugelhorn with Kip Dale (bass) and Danilo (drums and frequent flyer points).  The promise of a great night of music, without once resorting to lederhosen, Kurt Weill, or the Welsh National Anthem. (Is there a Welsh National Anthem?)

Are you sure it’s not Lisa?

Saturday 18th August: At long last, Risa, all the way from Kyoto, is back for a night of jazz and obscure Japanese folk tunes. Col (sax) with Jeremy Marozeau (bass)  and Simon Atkinson (drums) will accompany, making this just about the best line-up so far. I get to play piano, and the fact that both John and Rod have been hospitalised in the last two weeks is entirely coincidental…

See ya round the traps…    TW

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