Captain’s Log, Stardate August 14th

Turn it Up!

So, once more to the Gold Street Sheltered Workshop, and musos all over the joint. Getting in early for the jammers bar tab, or tuning up in the back room – the best place for alternative gossip, I have found…

A lively first set, sounded spookily like music, but what would I know, and a whole bunch of first time faces lit up – this week’s tally was four saxes, two bassists, two pianists, five guitarists, two trombones, one of them with Jack attached, Lee the trumpet, four drummers, four singers and if I knew where the pear tree was, there was probably a partridge up it, stuffing its feathers into its ears…

A sound system that works

Curiously, the sound balance worked a lot better this week than it has done in a while – probably due to a better class of drummer and bassist who really did work in with the ensemble. On the other hand, this could be entirely down to some electronic doodad twiddled by Il Duce to perfection. Whatever, the outcome was some music making of disgracefully high standard. It all got so exciting that the Captain actually called fours, got them and chaos did not result. Never mind, there is always next time..

Mr Cahoots, Nick the haircut,  Aaron, a coupla Andrews and assorted strangers

Avid readers, (you know who you are, both of you) will have noticed that the Grand Hotel sessions feature first timers pretty much every week – sax, bass, drums, singers (*).  Not easy, but props to Jeff, Nick, Aaron, Andrew the bass, Andrew the drums, even the genial Mr T for turning up, tuning up, warming up and getting better as the evening wears on, not playing too loud, and best of all, not playing over the singer… Not to mention the Reverend Kevin B for a whole night of latin on his ukulele.

 (*) Piano players MIA : Rocket Rod has retired hurt to Tasmania, Gentleman John Curtis will be back soon, but in the meantime, a piano player or two from the jam sessions would be good. Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Captain’s Log, Stardate August 14th

  1. Ted!

    I hope to get free next Sunday for a visit to Leinster, and whilst carting the sax/flute there as usual, I would also be willing to examine the differences between C and G7 should you run short of piano players.

    Noel M

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