What’s On at the Grand Hotel, Spenser Street

Last Friday saw Ruby Rogers fill in for an unwell Miss Magrin – not a bad night at all as it turned out. Saturday, and the Divine Miss Smiff sang her Jazz Drive latin medley, accompanied by Uncle Kevin on his smooth guitar, and surrounded by a forest of palm trees (I didn’t ask why, sometimes you just have to go with the flow when Miss S gets an idea in her head)

This week sees Amy Jaulin on Friday, accompanied by her bevy of boys (Tom and Avi) and moi on piano. Amy’s last session was one of the biggest we have had, and if a stunning voice, torch songs, ballads and belters are your thing, be there. If not, you could just turn up for the three-inch eyelashes – they are a sight to behold.

Saturday belongs to Ruby Rogers, accompanied by the same line up, only one day older.. All the chandeliers have been repaired since her last bash, and expect some Ruby Rogers style entertainment yet again: more front than Myers and some great songs to boot.

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