It had to happen

Sunday Arvo at the Gold Street Gossip Shop, and , for the second time in living memory, no singers. Not a tonsil in sight. Zippo, zilch. Good grief! Apparently most of the little darlings had tonsilitis, sinusitis, a sore throat, were attending a family function or were getting married in Queensland (what sort of excuse is that?).

All the others must have got lucky the night before and couldn’t find their microphone… 

Whatever, we had a ball: the Captain declared the first set a disaster, but when enticed to the back of the room, agreed that they actually sounded pretty damn good. Apart from the invisible man, Keef, meself, Don, Taariq, Bob and the Captain, there were two bassists (Andy Moon and Brian de Birmingham), James and Andrew on drums, Mike bleedin Hirsh, putting in a rare and elegant appearance, fergawdsake, and later in the day Michael on drums, (deftly dobbed in by his girl friend,) who turned out to be a handy drummer himself. Peter, Jeff and Aaron contributed saxophonically. For me, the highlight was a full on tilt at Doxy, with a sax section well led by Keef, Brian on trumpet and a very handy guitarist whose name I did not get, but I hope he turns up again.

Captain Chaos was in fine form, springing a couple of new tunes on an unsuspecting world, as well as calling Norwegian Wood, which was a damn silly idea, but turned out rather well. Most people use the Leinster as a try out for tunes to be played at the Grand. Needless to say, CC does it the other way round.

Whilst I say that there were no singers, the Invisible Man did get up and croon a couple of toons. I am sticking with my original statement.

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