At The Leinster – the New Piano Debuts

Hortense was definitely not at the Leinster on Sunday. Rumour has it that she had a bad stomach virus and could not even attend a party in her own home the previous night. Nevertheless the show went on as usual with 25 performers.

Bob, John and Noel were the first to perform on the newly acquired Roland 300 keyboard which added a much to the quality of the overall sound and enjoyment of the players. Not so the newly acquired cheap bass amp which was given the thumbs down by Taariq and Stan who sounded much better through Taariq’s amp. Will only be useful when bass players turn up without an amp.

Saxophones came from everywhere..Jeff, Keith, Nick, CC, John, Peter (?) and the fore mentioned Noel. Vocals were again of a high quality…..Rachael, Anne H, Chelly and Amy all received attention from the other side of the bar. ( a sure sign that what we are doing is sounding like music).

Lee and Gabrielle played tag on trumpet and Jack’s trombone added to the cacophony. The rhythm was held together by Paul, Glen, Danilo, Sebastian and Bruce. Ben had guitar duties all to himself. No shortage of quality drummers these days. A highlight was when our special guest, Cloe, played keys for the very first time with a group. 


At The Grand

Annie Smith performed both Friday and Saturday night at the Grand. Friday nights MJJ quartet was made up of Andrew Lye on bass, John Curtis  on the grand, Bruce constable on drums and CC on tenor. Annie stepped in at the last minute on Saturday to fill in for the scheduled singer who had to cancel the engagement. Her quartet was Danilo, Taariq and Sean with Brett Willis on reeds.

At Claypots – Sandro Bolano

This is Sandro Bolano, one of the singers from the Jam Sessions.

I have a gig this Sunday 2nd Sept at Claypots Evening Star on the Cnr of Cecil & York St, South Melbourne.

The line up will be David Allardyce, Keys, Dean Addison, Double Base, Allan Browne, Drums & Sandro Bolano, Vocals

Time 5 – 7pm.

The food will also be great


Moreland City Band

Hi Everyone,

At the Bowling Club in Victoria Street, Brunswick entrance in Cross Street the Phoenix Project part of the Moreland City Band on Sunday 2nd September will be performing between 3-0pm and 5-0pm. The Band is under the Direction of Scott Tinkler (the trumpet extraordinaire) and will be performing originals composed by members of the Band. There is a Refreshment Bar and a Mobile Kitchen selling Cajun/Middle Eastern Type meals.There in no cover charge to this event so do come and support a great Band and enjoy the afternoon in a comfortable setting.

Cheers Jack Morris.

JAZZ on MAIN Friday 7th Sept

1st Frid of Month

Frid 7th Sept 8.00pm til 11ish
1st FLOOR 106 Main St Lilydale (the Upper Room. LCC) (opp station)
$15.00 pp
Lounge Environment, dance Floor, Coffee and bickies incl. NO BAR

Contact Jan 0411 342 337

Hi Jazz Fans and others !! 
The numbers attending have increased substantially this year ! (even though we have NO BAR…it proves we can have a great time w/o alcohol hehe!) We are excited to announce that the featured Band 7th September will be Chuck Pro’s band ‘STREAMS’. ‘Streams’ is an exciting predominantly instrumental modern Funk Fusion Band with an awesome front line of muso’s. Jazz on Main loves to have a variety of Jazzy Styles and ‘Stream’s’ is  no exception!
Hope to see you Friday  evening on the 7th Sept.
In order to keep Jazz on Main running next year,I have unfortunately have to raise the entry fee to $15 ,as I shared with the patrons last month ! We are a non profit Community event , the door takings previously went to the bands to help cover their costs and we, ( Blakes and LCC) covered the costs of running the show ourselves , which we cannot do anymore due to Noel’s(my hubby) long  term unemployment and raised costs of the building. If anyone has difficulty with the new price please have a chat with me !
Thanks so much to the people who have given us a donation to help us keep running. (you know who you are 🙂 ) Lets pray we can keep going next year to keep live music alive in the outer east of Melbourne.


Cheers Jan

Blah, Blah, Blah

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day… 

Chaos: Despite which, every jam session turns out different. Strolled into the Gold Street Gossip Shop and Lizard Lounge last week only to find the mouldering back bar infested with musicians. At least that is what I think they were, or perhaps that is what they think they were, I forget which. It all made for a spiffing afternoon’s entertainment, with a bunch of old and new faces waving guitars, drumsticks, saxophones, a variety of trumpets and flugelhorns, even the Invisible Man with trombone attachment. And then came  the Captain, as moderator and chief creator of Chaos, leaping in every now and then to confuse the masses. He does it so well.

Confusion, which reigned from the outset, was further compounded by Cardinal Pell, bassist extraordinaire, playing guitar, and Elliott Joe, guitarist extraordinaire adopting the supporting role of propping up the bar and not playing at all. A shame really, although in EJ’s defence, it must be said that the bar didn’t fall down…

Had Hortense been hovering in the background, which she may have been, she would have been inordinately impressed with the standard of music making, which occasionally reached levels that approached, or even exceeded, mere competence. A quality which Hortense has found sadly lacking in her social excursions of late. Apparently Rotten Ronnie Junior has taken to walking a lurcher on the back beach, Altona West, and she is quite put out. Hortense, not the lurcher.

But I digress: Chelly and Debbie were the standout singers – both managed to keep significant portions of the backing ensemble under some sort of control – not easy when you have a bassist, drummer, guitarist and  trumpeter playing about five solo choruses simultaneously.

Props to Sebastien (drums and Gallic insouciance) for some fine drumming, along with resolutely introducing a cross-beat every now and then, to make sure the rest of us stayed confused; props to everyone else for having a good time, and to Marg, Princess of Cool and Keeper of the List – great to see you back.



The Grand Hotel goes off two nights running…

Last week: two great nights, with Juliane singing a scorching set on Friday, in front of a good crowd. Kip Dale on bass and Danilo on drums provided a great rhythm section. Kay topped off the night with a scat duo with Juliane. Triffic.  Saturday saw the GH packed and heaving for Risa’s first session – and audience of around 70, and a great response to a highly polished performance. She is back on the 29th September (Grand Final night). Be there.


This week is SMIFF SMIFF WEEK Gentleman John Curtis is back in the saddle on Friday 24th August, for the first time since his week off.: the break has clearly affected his brain, as he has taken to replying to e-mails in French. Taariq has battled all sorts of changes in line-ups to come up with a Saturday band. The Divine Miss Smiff will be singing both Friday and Saturday, before possibly fronting the Sunday session to do her Kermit the Frog impression.

Jazz in Hawaii

Dear Editor

I wonder if this might be of interest to jammers – it is an account of some jazz aspects of our recent trip to Hawaii.


Doug and I were recently on holidays in Hawaii and had some very enjoyable jazz experiences which might  be of interest, especially for anyone planning a visit there.

In Honolulu, we caught outstanding local group, the Satomi Yarimizo group, joined by a very hot visiting New York sax player, Robert Sheps,  in a well thought out tribute to Miles Davis and Gill Evans. As well as being bowled over by the music, we learnt heaps about Gill Evans’ under-appreciated role in Miles’ career. The club is called The Dragon Upstairs and is in the heart of Honolulu’s Chinatown, and we were encouraged to emulate many of the other patrons who had their tables laden with food from home and local restaurants.  The local jazz tragics were very friendly and pointed us in the direction of several other enjoyable events.

Jackie Ward is a local woman in her 90’s who has been hosting a semi-private weekly Sunday afternoon gig at her home in suburban Honolulu for 35 years!  We arrived to a house in a quiet suburban street, heartened by the sign on the door ordering us to wait until a suitable break in the music. The band was a “little big band” of a good standard, lifted exponentially by Robert Sheps again.  Food was on the agenda  again, and we felt right at home as we’d been enjoined to bring food and drink to share, which we did with around 100 people crowded into a  spacious living room.

Another unusual gig was also associated with food. It was at  Gordon Biersch, a lovely ocean-side restaurant at the Aloha Tower, and we had the pleasure of hearing the apparently legendary jazz ukelele exponent Benny Chong who turned out to have been in Melbourne recently for a jazz ukelele festival.

We also heard some excellent mainstream jazz on the island of Kauai, most notably in the lounge of the very posh St Regis Hotel in  Princeville, accompanied by to die for sunset and ocean views.

Cheers Marion

News from Thailand

You might be interested in this bit of news

I was on holiday in Thailand and stopped in at a bar to catch some live music. There was a guy playing sax there and when I chatted with him after the show, he told me he was an ex-Jammer from a few years ago. His name is Taka and he’s running The Bear Bar in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. He told me he’s trying to build a serious music venue. There is a really cool website with loads of photos and videos of the musicians:

Oh, and he says “hi” to all the Jammers and to drop by if you’re in town 😀

Michael Flannery

Marek Podstawek – a sweet hot night!

7.30pm Thursday, 13 September
Musicland Fawkner
1359 Sydney Rd

$10 at door

Great shows of Fusion Confusion Night 1 with two bands -Solead Q and Arachnids and special guest singer and actress Laura Lattuada with her own lyrics to the Marek Podstawek composition and gonna sing together with Arachnids and with international musicians from Brazil, Japan, Mauritius, Philippines, Poland, Italy and Australia – everybody welcome.

Gonna be sweet hot night and nice music – smooth jazz latin funk fusion classical flamenco and original arrangements.