Mike Nock is in town

Nock / Magnusson / Wilson 8:30pm Saturday, 28th July- $15/10 – Uptown Jazz Cafe


Pianist/composer Mike Nock, the recipient of the 2009 ‘Bell’ Australian Jazz Awards ‘Hall of Fame’ award, Nock has enjoyed an amazingly fertile 50 year career, which includes credits such as Coleman Hawkins and Art Blakey, leading the pioneer fusion group “The Fourth Way”, and garnering praise from peers such as Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock. Not one to rest on his laurels, Nock stays ‘musically fresh’ by working with younger musicians, and taking musical ‘chances’. One example is the premiere of this bass-less and drummer-less collaboration with two of his favourite Melbourne musicians: tenor saxophonist Julien Wilson and guitarist Steve Magnusson (both previous winners of the National Jazz Awards). With Nock on piano and keyboards, this promises to be a memorable concert of spontaneous and creative music making.


Mike Nock Solo 9pm Sunday, 29th July – $18/12 – Bennetts Lane


Sydney-based international pianist/composer Mike Nock has produced several great albums of solo piano over the past three decades on US, European, Australian and NZ labels, the last one being Touch (Birdland). He will perform an evening of solo piano in the intimate setting of Bennetts Lane. Nock’s compositions for solo piano have also been recorded by Michael Kieran Harvey on the album In the Time of Sakura (Move). Having turned 70 in 2010, this milestone was marked by the publication of the biographical book, Serious Fun: The Life and Music of Mike Nock, by Norman Meehan (Victoria University Press). Nock’s distinguished career, including almost 25 years in the U.S., was recently featured in an extensive survey on the U.S. website: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=42273

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