What’s On At The Grand

If you haven’t been, you’d better go soon. Last week saw more or less a full house on both nights, Library full as well, with two of the best singers both in top form.  

Last week, Miss Ruby Rogers wowed a large audience on Friday with her best set yet. with meself, Tom Doublier and Avi Ganesan providing the rhythm section and the Captain and Keef scaring the neighbours with some casual sax . . Saturday saw the Divine Miss Smiff in swinging form, and at last getting the crowd she has deserved. Greatly helped by Curtis (p) Atkinson (d) Daigo (db) and Captain Chaos (chaosophone) all swinging the tits off everything all night long. 

Friday 29th The sultry Jo Loth returns from her Butterfly Club Cabaret adventures, swinging up a few ballads and jazz standards, with meself, Avi and first timer Andrew Putnam on drums. Poor lad doesn’t know what he has let himself in for…

Saturday 30th Carol Whitfield sings her first Grand Hotel session: Rocket Rod Murray will accompany, with the uber suave (by his unique standards anyway) Taariq on bass and Danilo on drums. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that there will be a surprise guest appearance by Captain Chaos himself. Just sayin’.  TW

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