What’s On at The Grand?

         Last week: Quieter sessions last week, probably much to the  liking of Management, with Anne Hayres/John Curtis and theAtkinson/Taylor twins on drums and bass. on Friday night; and Lisbeth having her first session on Saturday. She confessed to not being totally terrified, and props to Rod for covering the basslines all night. The modest little vegemite maintained it was no problem at all…

Friday: 8th: sees Amy singing, with meself, Avi Ganesan(bass) Tom Doublier (drums) and Aaron on sax. . Amy had a great night at Kojo Brown last week, so will probably fall in a heap bycontrast. An elegant heap of course. Assuming she picks herselfup, there will be blues, and some mildly funk covers, as well as an eclectic mix of ballads and belters.

Saturday 9th:  This night is a re-run by Anne Hayres and John Curtis, with, I think, a different rhythm section. If not, Anne will be singing every second verse backwards, whilst standingon her head, so even if you have  been before, it won’t sound the      same. I checked with Anne that this was the case, and she clearly stated she knew half the songs backwards, and could sing the others standing on her head You wouldn’t want to miss that, would  you?

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