1. Of course you don’t have to pay to get in. Roger C has got the electricity company and the water company to make an exception and supply for free. Then he has persuaded all his staff to volunteer their services so the jammers don’t have to pay. And of course, the Council don’t really want their rates, and I don’t know whether RC has the leasehold or the free hold, but I am sure the banks won’t charge interest on the mortgage whilst the jammers play, and any reasonable Landlord wouldn’t want his rent if the jammers are playing…


  2. And $5 is… what, the price of a drink and a bit? I think that’s reasonable, particularly for a nice acoustic setup like Dizzy’s.

    In the distant past in Jakarta, Indonesia, I took part in a jam session where you didn’t have to pay money to participate in it, but you had to submit a demo tape. If you were deemed jam-session-worthy, you’d be in. Otherwise, you paid money and just sat like a good kid and possibly prayed that one day you’d be deemed jam-session-worthy. It already stopped running. But one reason I could think of why the organiser pushed themselves to that extreme, maybe because they were more after quality, and every session was broadcast live on a jazz-dedicated radio.

    When I went to Jakarta 2 years ago, the free-entry jam sessions I attended were either:

    – Backed by an already established venue that wasn’t dedicated to jazz (like a big restaurant [by comparison, Dizzy’s is a dwarf in size] or a shopping centre). Maybe they were just doing a community service or perhaps making the jam session to lure people (musos and otherwise) to hangout in their place, I’m guessing.

    – A pure community effort. Up to now, they keep moving from one place to another. Probably anywhere that makes sense financially. They make money from merchandise. Noone gets paid. The house bands don’t get paid either except with love and kind words.

    And *none* of these had an acoustic setup as good as Dizzy’s.

    But of course, the Dizzy’s jam sessions aren’t perfect. In some occasions, they weren’t run like a “proper” jam session, but more like a “sit in”. But the last few times I came, things started to improve.

    Oh well, such a world we live in.


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