Bashing at the Lunatic Soup Lounge

Another big turn out for the Sunday bash at the Lunatic Soup Lounge. It is truly a revolving door of talent, and I sometimes wonder, as do many of us, where all these people come from -a brief  rundown could be helpful.. . Due to a lack of investigative reporting skills, however,  the following facts were gleaned exclusively from the mobile phone records of a hairdresser in Refinery Waters, Altona West, and neither I nor Madge are responsible for them, never knew about them, didn’t read the e-mails, and this is the humblest day of my life, etc. etc.

 Sunday Arvo’s Jammers:  a potted Who’s Who.

 Frank is the bass player. Has a habit of chopping off his own fingers, and has been known to play in the key of H.. Strangely, neither trait affects his playing much….

Captain Chaos (saxophone): proudly boasts a rat cunning index of about 11, due to his habit of always finding a tune he knows, and occasionally handing out charts in the wrong key. Has never dropped a bar or missed a beat in his life, and we’ve got Col’s word for that.

Danielo the drummer: works for Fiat, so we know he is not an auto-electrican.

Tom the drummer, Not to be confused with the other Tom the drummer, as he is confused enough already.

Keef: (Saxophone) Recently shaved off the facial fungus, and is now unrecognisable.Not that he was ever that recognisable anyway. To be known as Kojak in future…

Rob “Inky fingers” McCue, esteemed editor and occasional pianist of the scottish persuasion. Got roaring drunk on Hogmanay and has never been the same  since. And we’re talking about 1973…

Don: (guitar) moonlights as lead guitarist in a hip hop calypso outfit. Never hangs out with less than three band groupies. Or not, who knows. He has never denied it, mainly because I have never asked him. So it could be true. Might own a salami factory.

Kay: Singer. Spent years in the Northern Territory trying to turn handbags into crocodiles, then saw the light and has been warbling by numbers ever since.

Trevor: blues harp, hat and a wide, wide  grin.. They say you can’t really dig the blues until you have experienced real hardship in your life. After listening to Trevor, we can all dig it that little bit more.. just kiddin’ Trev…

Julie; singer. ripped through Route 66, and a couple of  dubious ripostes. And I will stop right there… 

Noriyo: piano player.  Turns out arrigato is not a pasta salad after all. My mistake.

Bob: another bluddy piano player. Has never been featured on A Current Affair.  Yet.

Fred: bongoes. Fred is 22, but has done a  helluva lot of naughty things with his bongos. Or he is not 22 and the bongoes are blameless. You decide.

Ali (saxophone) Came from Indonesia, or the Phillippines or somewhere else. No boats were involved.

James: the drummer: Like many drummers, James is an intellectual, with a serious approach to his craft, and a real dedication to technical excellence. Then he starts hitting things. .

Last but not leased: Louis the Fly: Mellodica. Which he sucks and blows in about equal proportions. Very popular with the ladies.

 A stellar lineup, which made for a fine afternoon’s entertainment.

See yez at the next jam…TW

Upcoming Gigs


Birdland & Truly Madly Deeply

Hi Jammers,
I would be grateful if you would consider including these gigs in your next newsletter, many thanks
Kind regards

Sundays in Summer 3-6pm  Birdland @ Colliband Foodstore Trentham sweet Latin nuanced jazz under an avenue of shady trees.

Friday 3rd Feb 6.30pm  Truly Madly Deeply @ Radio Springs Hotel  Lyonville  Sultry Ballads, Swing Latin Groove


I hope you can make it to our ‘kick off’ Jazz on Main for the year.
0411 342 337

featuring Jan Blake’s ‘BODY and SOUL’   🙂 Mainstream Jazz/Blues/Latin Classics.
1st Floor,106 Main St Lilydale (opp Station, next to Bike Shop)
8.00pm til 11.00pmish $10.00pp
Lounge environment, coffee and bickies included. No Bar, Dance floor.


Kelly Auty in Concert at The Regal Ballroom.
216 High Street, Northcote.
February 10th 2012.
‘Wild Women and Silver Screen Divas.’

Sunday at the Leinster or – 22 People get Murdered

I was listening to Madge the other day, banging on about this and that and not much of the other. Madge, having over indulged as seemed appropriate to the silly season, has been taking to the waters off Altona West Refinery Beach on a daily basis, wearing  her fin de siecle bloomers inside out to save on the laundry bills, much to the consternation of the locals. What a sight! Donations will be gratefully received at the Altona Home for Distressed Gentlefolk, or the Whale Protection Society, as you deem appropriate..

 Madge told me, in between sucking on a limp roll your own, that Hortense has been going cold turkey ever since her Christmas blow out, and it is not a pretty sight. Hortense, who would kill for a roll of her own, limp or otherwise, was probably not at the inaugural 2012 Jam and Ballad Mangling Session. Chateau de Leinster last Sunday.

 Which puts her in a distinct minority, as every man and his dog rolled up – ah yes, the sessions are back with a vengeance There was the Captain and Lugubrious Frank being joined by six drummers , several called Tom, James or Danielo,  Don and the Kevinator playing cool guitarist, four piano players, Fred de bongo, Louis the Mellodica going OTT, Anton slapping the bass,  Debbie, Kay, newcomer Jo recentlly escaped from Queensland on tonsils, plus another singer whose name I completely forgot , Gentlerman Jack on the slush pump,  and I forget who else. In all 22 people got up and murdered or mangled something or other, in front of a ridiculously large audience: and a jolly good time was had by all.

 Which makes this, by my count, about as big a jam session as any since the Dizzy’s era. Ridiculous innit!

Could we all try and be a bit more sensible next week, please. TW

From Germany

all the best to the Melbourne Jazz Jammers at Leinster Arms Hotel for the new year 2012. I really enjoyed jamming when I was staying at Melbourne in October, November and December 2011.Now we are well back in Germany since three weeks and we enjoy looking back. I send you some pictures with this email and I have a question.Colin has the tunes of a nice song which we played and I cannot find the tunes in my real books.This song is called “Cry me baby”. Peter Barzel