Friday night at the Golden Age(corner King and Little Lonsdale)

People from all over staying at the adjoining Sophia’s Hotel wander into the session. Some have remarked how they wish there was something like this in the cities where they live.

Anne Hayres gave a delightful vocal performance, ably backed by John, keys, Jeremy, bass, Anne, percussion and Frank guitar. Tunes by Cole Porter, Duke Ellington and many other writers of great standards were delivered in style. Keith and Colin provided the horn backing.

Next week’s featured vocalist will be Annie Smith. CC

Last Friday Night at the Golden Age

Alan, Di and I got there around 7 for dinner then enjoyed the music and company as the night kicked on. Jammers dropping in through the evening to enjoy the houseband with the lovely Jenna on vocals, and later the ever lovely, ever lively and very ambulant Ms Annie Smith. We drank, we chatted, we enjoyed the company of . . . Colin, Frank, Brian Marion, Noriyo, Buddy, Monica and ….Jusic?? (I’m sure there were others, but just now it’s a blur . . .)

The bar staff is getting to know us, that’s got to be a good sign. Hope the chef’s back next week . . . might give the souvlaki another go . . .Mx


Golf: a pleasant walk in the countryside, ruined. The golfer Gary Player once chipped a ball from a near unplayable lie to within inches of the pin. A spectator  was heard to comment – Wow, that was a lucky shot! Gary agreed that it certainly was, but, observed that the more he practiced, the luckier he got . . .

Which brings me nicely to the Sunday Arvo Leinster Jam De Luxe. Strewth, but  they all turned up – some even played music. As fine an afternoon of ballad mangling as I can remember, so props to Frank the Finger, Keef (in fine form, kept playing the Captain’s faves before Col could get to them) Paul drums ‘n bass, Don, Jacin, John (a diverse selection of guitaristes this week), Agus (piano) accompanying Sir Roger who blew up a storm on alto sax, Noriyo (late starter, piano) , I think Ali and Peter played sax, but I can’t remember either , Jack on  Trombone, whose singing is no idle threat ,all led, as ever by Captain Chaos who had stops, fours, rhythm changes, medication changes, and another beer at the bar for me please, all down to a fine art.

Glen (landlord) got a fine round of applause for his drumming, and, come to think of it, so did Alan, when he stopped.

Jam sessions: a pleasant romp through the standards, ruined. 

Hah! See ya next week somewhere – there’s more music than you can shake a stick at. 

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Golden Age Hotel Fridays

It’s true, the Captain has found a venue that hasn’t heard of us

It’s on from 5.30 Fridays, at the Golden Age Hotel, corner of King Street and Little Lonsdale. Don’t bother coming, there is stuff all parking for about three gazillion miles in any direction. The general idea (if we had one, which we probably don’t) is that we will put in a slowly rotating band for the evening, with a different guest singer (a guessed singer? aghast singer? whatever, you decide) each week until the venue gets sick of us. Anyone with any ideas for about three weeks from now?
If this doesn’t go according to plan, and we find we have to keep doing it, the idea (that makes two in one week . . . ) is to gradually introduce other guest musos into the mix.

The Henley Regatta, or King Street takes a bath

After which we all came up smelling nicely for the inaugural Friday night at the Golden Age. Things got off to a quiet start, largely because only Col and Brian(guitar) were there, whilst the rest of us were still wading up King Street. Then Frank the Finger decided to break a string on the basso profundo, and played the rest of the night sliding his remaining fingers up and down the fret in a frantic and occasionally successful search for the right note. Not a good look, but I am sure the guitar enjoyed it. A goodly crowd of brave souls had ventured out for the night, and either because of the rain or because they couldn’t hear the music, or because they could hear it, but didn’t recognise it as music, decided to stay.

Next highlight of the night was Frankie boy’s eyes lighting up at the sight of . . . keep reading

Friday Night at the Golden Age

Friday night looks like a goer. The house band concept worked well despite the heavy rain and traffic jams. Certainly there was a more consistent standard to the music. Ted backing Nurul worked. We will continue with a format of a house band and featured artists who are now or have been involved with the jams in the past.

Next week’s line up will be Jenna Street, vocalist, Dan Robertson, keyboard, Frank O’Brien, guitar, Jeremy, bass, Anne Smith, drums and Keith, reeds. Anne brought her snare and high hat last Friday which worked really well. If the local trade is similar to last week it will be appropriate to bring on sit ins after 8.30.

Cheers Colin