Captain Chaos and the Chaos Quartet spread the lurv

It’s true, the Captain has found a venue that hasn’t heard of us, and we’ve suckered Nurul Rahman into singing a full set, from 5.30 this Friday, at the Golden Age Hotel, corner of King Street and Little Lonsdale. Don’t bother coming, there is stuff all parking for about three gazillion miles in any direction. The general idea (if we had one, which we probably don’t) is that we will put in a slowly rotating band for the evening, with a different guest singer (a guessed singer? aghast singer? whatever, you decide) each week until the venue gets sick of us. Anyone with any ideas for about three weeks from now?
If this doesn’t go according to plan, and we find we have to keep doing it, the idea (that makes two in one week . . . ) is to gradually introduce other guest musos into the mix.

This Friday Night 28th Oct

A “limited” jam session will be held at the Golden Age corner of King Street and Little Lonsdale Street in the City. 5.30 to 10.00pm on Friday nights.
Cheap paid parking to 6.30pm should be available in Adderly Street (off Latrobe behind the Remand Center). Only a short walk to the Golden Age. All other street parking will be until 8.30pm and over $4.00 an hour.
Each week will feature a house band of invited players with some facility for sit ins.


Australians are known as a generous people, as evidenced by sharing out our elderly Australian Queen. She is doing yet another whistlestop tour before departing for the sixteenth time for foreign shores. Of course, the reason Brenda Battenberg spends so much time away from Australia is that she is, as far as one can tell, a homeless person here, who just manages to scrape by on endless tea and bikkies with the likes of Julia and Tony, and the occasional night off in Yarralumla.

Actually, she doesn’t even have a visa, or a passport. I for one was quite surprised when the authorities turned a blind eye as her little launch approached the shores of Lake Burley Griffin the other day. Don’t we lock people up for that sort of thing? None of this would worry Phil the Greek, of course. He has been tagging along behind Brenda’s foibles, hats and handbags for years – a stoic effort leavened only by the fact that he was fully gaga years ago, and can now get no worse.

Which brings me neatly to the Sunday Arvo jam session . . .

Just about everyone turned up on Sunday, other than the aforementioned Phil and Brenda, who probably forgot to pack their banjo, tissue paper and best comb before they left anyway. Otherwise, . . . keep reading

What we are listening to . . . Gonzalo Rubalcaba

 “Fé . . . Faith the first release in Mr. Rubalcaba’s 5Passion label. It’s an album of exquisite touch: Mr. Rubalcaba, who lives in south Florida, is a product of Cuba’s elite musical conservatory, and his classical training has never left him. Beautifully recorded, it begins in a kind of cathedral stillness – Mr. Rubalcaba didn’t come by its title casually – and slowly warms to its own premise.

There are crisp, exploratory essays based on themes by John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis with Bill Evans. There are silvery originals inspired by Cuban batá drumming, and by each of Mr, Rubalcaba’s three children.”

This is an extract from a review was sent to me by a friend. The review is by Nate Chinen from The New York Times, of July 3, 2011.

The CD includes two versions of Blue in Green the Miles/Bill Evans composition. The CD is worth the price for these alone. Gonzalo Rubalcaba (pictured left) can be heard at Amazon where you can play all of this album or alternatively on You Tube at

or while playing the fabulous Bosendorfer piano enjoy your listening. RM

From Geoff Whitelaw:

hi Rob, great to meet you at Dizzys jam last Saturday afternoon. I have been listening to and supporting live jazz for over 50 years, trad in the1950s and early modern about 1960 down in St Kilda.

I was pleased to see Dizzys start up their jam session again particularly as Guildford Lane had to finish. I supported the jams at Dizzys in the Post Office and then was one of the originals when Marg started her email list. I was part of a social network group then and also used to advise others of gigs I enjoyed.

Each week I see some live jazz, mainly at free venues and regularly go to The Commune on Thursdays where I have dinner with my partner spending about $50-60. Other places I frequent are Dogs Bar, Claypots, Rising Sun Hotel, Leinster Arms and many others occasionally.

It was disappointing to see such a small crowd at Dizzys as the quality was great. I was a bit annoyed when my partner (who could not get there earlier) got charged the $5 cover charge at 6pm with only half an hour to go on a jam, particularly after being told it went for another hour. She decided not to buy a drink in protest. We would have gone to Grumpy’s Green in Fitzroy to hear The Great Bradbury’s if we’d known. Great gig at the Leinster on Sunday.


From Noel:

I have yet to see/hear ANY big band (local or otherwise) feature a sax section that does a “Supersax” chorus entirely from memory . . . and it’s no fluke, if you want to go further and check out their take on Four. This band is uniformly good across all sections! And they seem to be enjoying their work at the same time? Don’t miss it!

the Youtube link is


What Fabulous Sessions . . .

From Margaret: What fabulous sessions we have had these last few weeks! With visits from our international friends including Monica and Jaci from Spain, Carmen, Xavier from Mumbai and their Melbourne sons Brubeck and Shad, and Barbara and Peter from Dusseldorf. A fabulous community of people joining together to enjoy the music, the friendship and the opportunity to share their music with other Melbourne Jazz Jammers. Welcome!

Sunday at the Leinster

Probably easier to say who was not at the Leinster on Sunday. Well, Ted was not there and he wasn’t in Barbados either but he was on an island to the south it is said. Most likely still in a traffic jam.

I’ll leave the humour to Ted I think.

As I was saying lots of faces young and old, intrastate and interstate and international. Peter and Barbara from Dusseldorf came again. If less is really more then Peter’s guitar is the mostest. Also on guitar was Ray, Frederick and Jaci (just recently arrived from Madrid). Agus was back from London and Indonesia and all sorts of places to play piano for us and was joined by Noriya (she is really very quiet and shy). She sang and accompanied herself on piano. Paul also played piano for his singing friend.

Mack the Knife was there with Lockie who was also completely over the rainbow. Even the guys in the public bar were coming in to see who was singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

All this activity was ably backed up by a fast recovering Frank on bass, supported by Jeremy and Rohan with Dean and Bruce (from Sydney), father and son alternating on drums when Alan let them. Kade promised he would play in a couple weeks time.

Keith was playing clarinet and Col and Peter were on sax.

I think the Castlemaine contingent of Gwen and John were pleasantly surprised by all this activity and last I heard they had joined Margaret and Lisbeth in not singing. I got to play a bit myself. RM

Friday night and Sunday afternoon at the Leinster Arms

People from all over the world came to play some great music at both the sessions making it a truly international jazz jam weekend. Friday . . . India . . . Xavier keys and vocal, Brubeck keys. Chad drums. Germany . . . Peter guitar . . . Spain . . . Javier( ?) guitar                England…… Jack  trombone                Australia….. Frank, guitar and bass, Rob keys, Tarrac bass, Keith reeds Tim reeds Anne drums and vocals Alan drums and Jenny vocals Sunday Japan…….. Noria keys and vocals                France ….. Jeremy bass                Sydney…..  Bruce drumsGermany….Peter guitar ? vocals                Spain………  Javier (?) guitar                Indonesia.. Agus keys                 Australia…. Frank, guitar and bass, Rob keys, Keith reeds Peter tenor, Alan drums. Lotti vocals, Lotti’s friend on keys, Sandro vocals and a few others?. Lots of listeners and some exceptional players notably Xavier, Agus and Noria on keys, Jeremy on bass and Bruce on drums. Special mentions Keith waxing lyrical on alto, Jenny and Anne’s vocals, Lotti’s  great version of “Over the Rainbow”  and the young guy  (Lotti’s other friend) who played the bass line on “Footprints”. Hope to see you next Sunday.

The Captain

From Noel: Sometimes I uncover a clip so amazing

Some quite rare Bill Harris trombone from about 9 minutes in is an added bonus . . .
I can’t believe it’s true until I’ve  watched the whole thing myself. It starts with a duet between Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins (which we’ve seen before). Then to pile riches on riches Lester Young pulls up a chair and as if that weren’t enough Harry Edison and Ella Fitzgerald get on the bandstand. To round things out Flip Philips smokes on tenor and Hank Jones, Ray Brown, and Buddy Rich hold down the rhythm section. Can it get any better?

Jazz on the Tube
P.S. Please share Jazz on the Tube with your friends and colleagues. If they like jazz, they’re going to love this.