Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … looking up

Winter weather… such fun, we had to get there early. Once we had set up the equipment, we had everything we needed, except

· An audience
· A POOL Table (well we had that, but we didn’t need it)
· Musicians… other than Neil, Sticks Findlay and a coupla others who completed the set-up..

Nevertheless, we started promptly, about 20 minutes late, just as a few more regulars, quite a lot actually, wandered in. Good opportunity for Carol to sing the opening stanza. Bit by bit, and Bette, the place started to fill up nicely, and in the end this was as big a session (numbers wise) as we have had so far at the Junk, with a gratifying number of locals dropping in to see what all the fuss was about.

The Captain’s stress levels were rising bit by bit, but by the end of the night, just about everyone (there were 24 musos) had got up and boogied a blast. Woo Hooo!

Singers: Carol, Annie, Vlad, Kevin and Brian
Saxophonies: The Captain, Jeff, Keef (the pick of them) and welcome back Will, who has clearly been practising. Tim on sax playing in a variety of keys.
Drummers Sticks Findlay, Bill, Malcolm, Chris, Matt
Guitarists Vlad, Neil,
Keyboard artistes: meself, Malcolm, and the unflappable John Curtis
Floot: Julian – nice one
Bass players: must be the first time two bass players called Anton have turned up within 5 minutes of each other, although only Anton of Glasshouse days played. Pete opened, Ivan the knee followed.

We tried to explain how the jam session worked to an Italian tourist, Frederico. My complete lack of Italian made no discernible difference, so we talked about Garibaldi instead.

A fine session, plenty of peeps, both musos and the other sorts. Things are looking up.

Music: the usual diverse selection of toons mangled and dispatched.

See ya Sunday?

The Next Session at the Junktion Hotel: Featured Singer Annie Smith

Yup, we are running another series of featured singers, starting this Sunday with Annie Smith, who may or may not wear her little red bonnet, accompanied by Gentleman John Curtis and I am not sure quite who on double bass.


Annie Smith (this photo from the Inverloch Jazz Festival) will be selecting a coupla brackets of songs from her eclectic rep. in her own discursive style.

I need another  musician  to  play jazz  tunes from real book charts   in a  duo  format. I  will be playing  guitar or  bass depending  who fills  the  spot.

This  is a  café/ bar/small  eatery   gig,  just playing for  tips  in Brunswick   just  off  Sydney road  on a Wed. night at  ENZO’s, Michael Street  ,Brunswick. You will need to be there at  7 pm  and  play  from  7.30pm until  9pm  with a  short  break . You will be  given  refreshments on the  house  i.e  a  drink , a  snack   etc. Dress code  : look professional.
The  actual  date  is   Wed.  evening  July 18th  2018  at   7 pm. If you  are interested   then please  say  so . If not  then  please be  polite   and   inform me   that  you are not interested. If you know someone who  is  into  Jazz  and  is   proficient who might  be
interested  then  please forward   this  message to them.


Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … the dust settles and a quiet little drink

Wandered in just as the others were helping to set up the equipment from upstairs. Not so many peeps in attendance and we kicked off with a coupla spiffin instrumentals, in the vague hope that the practice would do us good… or a singer would turn up to put us out of our misery. Continue reading

The Next Session at the Junktion Hotel

We are doing it all again on Sunday 8th July, 4.00pm start.

The Junktion Hotel, 99 High Street, South Kew – the Hotel is on the corner of Kew Junction. Public parking is available behind the Mercedes dealer/behind the High Street Shops off Fenton Street from High St, Kew.

The Best Part of Sunday – Jeff’s story

The attached link gets you to a 5 minute film on Youtube – shot at the Leinster jam session some time ago, and edited by Caren Brand (VCA).

click here

Upcoming Festivals and contact details

Jammers, and others, are already talking about the next year’s Festivals, and we will try and keep this list updated. A considerable number of Jammers go to these, either as musicians to perform, as audience, or as volunteers.


Why go? Why not, all Festivals are a lot of fun, if a little expensive for musicians. All the Festivals provide opportunities for professional bands and enthusiastic amateurs to strut their stuff, network and listen to a ridiculously varied and occasionally talented range of bands.


Which one would suit? AJC is probably the most inclusive, Inverloch has of recent years been smaller and a lot of fun. The Grampians Jazz and Blues Festival (previously Halls Gap Festival) is now gradually expanding. I haven’t been to the new date (October, when there is an outside chance the place won’t succumb to bushfires) but a number of jammers have. Port Fairy is probably the fastest growing, and Castlemaine is the one started by the Melbourne Jazz Jammers… spoilt for choice really…


Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival 26, 27, 28th October 2018
Don Calvert: mob 0409 252 046

Halls Gap had a long running festival, before relocating to October each year. Smaller and more intimate than previous festivals, the Halls Gap Jazz Blues Festival brings together a range of jazz, blues, American songbook, swing, funk and classic tunes to stir your soul and get your feet tapping.


73rd Australian Jazz Convention, Ballarat, 26-31st December 2018
Mailing list:

Ballarat’s Lidiard Street positively hums over the Christmas/New Year’s break with a mix of trad, mainstream and more. This is a bigger Festival (convention) than most.

Port Fairy Jazz Festival February 8 – 10th 2019

This looks like becoming the biggest of the country festivals. It relocated from the Grampians a couple of years ago, and has been highly successful ever since.


Inverloch Jazz Festival, 8 -11th March 2019

This is a smaller Festival than in previous years – running on three venues. It tends to be popular and over subscribed .Bands are selected on merit. A favourite with aficionados!

Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2019

This one was started by the Melbourne Jazz Jammers in 2014, and is now run mainly by Castlemaine locals, with a large number of Melbourne based bands (as well as interstate). The dates are yet to be confirmed, but put this in your diary for now. We will get to band registration closing dates, musician registration, marketing, and the 2018 Annual General Meeting and new Committee election in due course.

Merimbula Jazz Festival June 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2019

This long running Festival is popular with Jammers, some of whom have been going for years. It is a long trip from Melbourne, but also draws an audience from Gippsland, and the Canberra region.

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … expectations, and surprises

As cold as a witches tit at the Junk this past week – hardly expected anyone to turn up, but they did. Hardly expected any singers, but in the end, we got to five. Didn’t expect anyone from Ballarat, but Bobby Ballinger arrived with some promos on the Australian Jazz Convention and winter jazz series, sang for his supper too. Continue reading

Jazz at The Junktion Hotel . . .

. . .  every man and his dog rocked the Junktion this week. And what a session it turned out to be – 26 musos in attendance, and joining the regulars, were the likes of Sir Roger, Rick, bassist Andrew, Kay (piano and mellodica), John Hunter (blues harp), Malcolm (drums) and Margaret (violin). And Brigid Deneefe having a ball whilst Sir Roger blew out the windows to celebrate his award for attending Merimbula for 27 years.. An audience of over 50 enjoyed a variety of jazz styles. Continue reading