Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel .Diversity…

comes in many forms, not all of them jazz.

This week saw a smaller number of musos (19) and a regulation sized audience of drinkers enjoy the offerings of the instrumentals, and 8 different singers, of, by my count, six different nationalities, playing tunes ranging from somewhat dire/dour originals, followed by some lively bebop tunes, the elegant Miss Myskova (Sway, anyone?) and Singers from Brazil, Japan, the Peoples Republic of Balwyn and various mongrels of dubious preovenance from OZtrayamate.

It was all rather fun, in the end.

The Featured Singers Sessions at the Junktion Hotel:

Kateřina Myŝková concludes the current suite of Divas, with a couple more in the offing for later this month. The Captain is fully preoccupiied with the Castlemaine Jazz Festival AGM, or should be by now, so we are giving it a break for a week or two.

Whether the Featured Singers series has been a success is hard to tell – but one noticeable, if unexpected, effect has been a marked increase in the number of singers turning up each week.

If you think this is a worthwhile variation on a jam session theme, send us an e-mail to

If you would rather have less vocals and more instrumentals, ditto, ditto.

Castlemaine Jazz Festival Annual General Meeting

This Saturday sees the Festival AGM, in Castlemaine.

There has been considerable disquiet from a number of quarters at the way the Committee has run in the last year, and a number of issues will be raised at the AGM,

,,,not least of which will be the very short notice for members to pay a $5 levy, the failure to notify all members in a timely manner, thereby potentially excluding a large part of the volunteer base, and the mooted proposal to change the Festival to more professional bands on negotiated fees, thereby excluding the musicians who have supported the Festival voluntarily for the last five years.

Could be an interesting meeting…

If you are a member, and haven’t yet downloaded Proxy Forms: copy and paste, to download at

You will need to email these to the secretary, or colin at Colin Garrett <> prontissimo *

* an obscure musical expression roughly translated as “very quickly,” or possibly as “For F***’s sake slow down”

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel

The Captain nails it.

Lorsque le pélican, lassé d’un long voyage,

Dans les brouillards du soir retourne à ses roseaux

Etcetera. etcetera It doesn’t end well, at least for the pelican. About the only French I can remember after 8 years study…

With a combined musical experience of about 238 years, the Jammers crew should have been expected to put on a reasonably competent performance, and this week they did. Opening stanza by Laurie Savage and Jeff Harris. Guichi getting more confident on her violin. All of it topped by Captain Chaos getting the changes right, and everyone had a dip. Not an easy feat, and the fact he did it without even appearing to pay attention made the session a good one. Continue reading

Castlemaine Jazz Festival Annual General Meeting

Subscriptions: Existing members are required to pay a $5 membership fee in order to be able to vote at the meeting. This should have been done by 31st July. If you have a problem, contact the Secretary on 0418 155 466

Proxy Forms If you are unable to attend, and would like to vote in the new Committee, the Proxy form is below. Hand your form to Col Garrett at the jam session, or email completed forms to committee

Hello Castlemaine Jazz Festival Members

Last year the committee and members voted to establish an annual fee for membership of the Castlemaine Jazz Festival. The fee is not just a fundraising exercise. This will also help us stay up to date with members information and we would hope to encourage members to be more aware of what the committee is planning and doing.

The Fee has been set at $5

Please pay your fee via a funds transfer into the Castlemaine Jazz Festival Inc Account
Account Name – Castlemaine Jazz Festival Inc
BSB – 633 000
Account No – 150 734 457

Please use your full name in the payment details so we can identify who has paid.
To be eligible to vote in the AGM payment must be paid by 31st of July 2018.

2018 AGM will be held on
Saturday the 18th of August
in the Old Castlemaine Gaol Mess Hall

Get the forms from the link below.