Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel:

The full crew were back from Wang, and the Jam sessions reverted to their usual format of a few instrumentals, then a featured singer as the room began to fill.

AT which point Captain Chaos brought on Julie Stewart who started out with some smooth songs only to be displaced by the next singer midway through her set. By this time there were already three other singers in the room, with the Captain pleading ignorance due to a missing “click here” on the Newsletter e-mail.

You can, if addicted to such drivel, access the Newsletter for the week by typing instead. This is more or less foolproof, except maybe for the saxophonists.

After a lively interlude by singer Katerina Myskova, solo of the week came from Laurie Savage, on Summertime, We restored Miss Stewart for the remainder of her set, which went remarkably well, with singers Jane, and Carol to follow.

We then had a flautist, name unknown, drowned out by more soloists, but contributed to some sophistication to proceedings, the room stayed lively for quite a while.

Whilst the only other pianist in the room had to depart early to deliver forgotten house keys to his better half in Lorne – Gentleman John Curtis thereby leaving meself in the lurch breakwise. Neil played pretty much without a break as well.

Malcolm came in the nick of time to take over keys, only having to contend with Mr Hirsh way too loud on drums. I did suggest he might play a little quieter – he can be one of the most accomplished drummers after all, but I don’t think he could hear me. Signor Perri took over… aah!

Huich (violin) and the Late Miss Smith got in some late contributions to general ballad mangling, Fermin turned up late from some function or other, and a good time was had by all.

What’s Afoot

Funny shaped bit on the end of your leg.. Otherwise, we are planning a meeting before the Jam Session to discuss plans for a future “mini-Festival” The early proposal is to use the Junk as a venue for 27 bands over a Saturday and Sunday. If you would be interested in volunteering or assisting, let the Captain know. More details to follow?

Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel

No one played a bum note all afternoon, the Bistro was its usual busy self, the sun shone, we all had a good time…

Probably, I wouldn’t know, I was away. Calamatta put in a half hearted effort, turning round about halfway there.

All of this made possible by the fact that there was no jam session, what with the Captain leading the Wangaratta mob, and me transporting the PA to Portland and back for a fine wedding on a farm in Narrawong.

We’ll be back with a vengeance this Sunday, with Bolivian nose floots, bagpipes and a rough assemblage of soxollip hones, Geetars, drums, pianolistic keynotes, tall tales and true and quite possibly a bass player or two.

Should be rather fun…

Correspondence received from Bendigo Towers…


The Bendigo Towers (*) Legal Department have requested the following be brought to the attention of jammers.

This article may be copyright as we cannot remember who we pinched it from. Please feel free to copy it and publish it under your own name as we would rather they sued you than us.

This article may contain facts. We do not warranty any of these facts to be true. If you are allergic to facts, or indeed, in any way gullible, please stop reading this immediately. You may wish to apply for a position with the Herald Sun.

If you thought you were at the Jam Session, and we have not mentioned you it is either because there was no jam session, or you are so young, talented, and good looking that words fail us; or we forgot. Your choice.

(*) Bendigo Towers, is, as many would know, the World Headquarters of the Melbourne Jazz Jammers Newsletter, manned exclusively by the ‘steemed Ed and extra 3b reserve copy boy, neither of whom has anything better to do. On a good day. Possibly fictional.

The featured Singers series is back…

This week, Julie Stewart will put in a stylish set of her fave tunes – a bit of latin, a bit of blues and the occasional Jazz standard for fun.


Julie Stewart – who has sung with the Jammers at the Junktion, The Grand Hotel, Crystal Bar and gawd knows where else over the years. Welcome back!

Upcoming singers will include Michelle Gigliotti, Katerina Myskova, a duo set from Ashley and Debbie, the Divine Miss Smiff (date tbc) and Carol (date tbc).

Wangaratta Jazz

Early reports indicate that the Wangaratta shenanigans went well, with performances at the Bulls Head featuring the sprightly Miss Smiff. As in previous years, the Sunday market was the peak event for the band of jammers who went up. This Sunday morning event should be a sideshow, but has always attracted a goodly crowd who are appreciative of the music.

Props to Huich (violin) at her first Wang bash – she impressed, as did another first timer, Andre, who dropped in for a fine stint on the drums.



Halls Gap: The Chaos Files

A number of regular, part-time and past jammers attended the 3rd Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival last weekend. In favourable weather more than 100 bands assembled in the fantastic Grampians environment to perform before a good number of jazz devotees.

John Curtis, Annie Smith, Steve Bray and Doug Kuhn presented their highly entertaining Annie and the Bossa Boys. Jeff Harris was invited to play with a Blues Band (40 Thieves Blues Band) and wowed the audience with his performance. Mike Hirsh, Alan Richards, Keith Hughes, Tina Ayris,  Gillian Sealby,  David Lakeman and Brian Paulusz were also making great music over the weekend.

My personal high was to get to renew acquaintance and play with David Lole from Canberra who joined us two years ago when he spent a few months living in Melbourne.


Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: The B Team smashes it

The Set Up: By the time I got there, Fermin and Neil had the set-up well in hand. We all waited with bated breath to see if a drummer would turn up and set up the drum kit, but alas Salah managed to darken the door about 15 seconds too late.

The record: What followed was a classic B team effort – that is, sixteen musos had a lot of fun, and broke our all-time record for most musos playing together – 12 at one stage, and they sounded damn good. Not many people in the audience for quite a while, and in the absence of the Halls Gap crew, we played, umm, about two instrumentals all afternoon, and had a ball, with tonsil artistes Jane, Ashley, Debbie and Carol all getting more singing time than usual. (16)


Singers Carol, Jane and Ashley

Musos Props to Salah, Ashley and newcomer Russell Stringer for some immaculate drumming, Julian for nearly blowing up his amp and then ditching it and fluting beautifully anyway, Huich for some extended violin, Malcolm for taking over piano and staying to help pack up. Ivan, Neil and Fermin for the best rhythm section we have had in ages, Calamatta and Will for a sweet saxophone section…


Great Rhythm Section – played all day

And Don (piano) who attempted anonymity to avoid adverse newsletter comment. As if. He last came on April 22nd 2015, also a week when the Captain was absent.. and played hot. Is a pattern emerging? We could consider a whip round as he clearly can’t afford a barber.

Going Home: We pulled stumps at 7.30, which required going round the room and apologising to diners and drinkers who had wandered in for the last stanza, but the rhythm section was truly knackered.