Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse rides again.

CD sales for  my  two  new CD.s are not exceeding  expectations  . In
fact , Only  my  cat and my  cousin   have shown   much interest  so

If anyone wants  a copy  just  contact  me  and  I will send  a  mail
order  copy  to you. If  anybody  wants to  form  a  jazz  based  band
with  me   to play  5  originals and  5  standards  , in  doing  so
promoting  my   jazz  CD  then  please get  in touch  with  me  too.

The Umbrella Bar: Who was that mystery singer, and what will Sam get up to this week?

A decidely glam Angie Strickland, accompanied by the Captain, meself, Doug “:Haircut” Kuhn and Paul Phillips on drums, sang a dreamy little set – rather more people there last week to enjoy it. Heading in the Right Direction a standout.

This week, Sam Izzo, Daniel Pickard and Andy Putnam will tinkle, plonk and rattle respectively in support of Sonia Davoine. Should be a startling mix of bebop tunes, Gallic insouciance, a little jazz and a whole lot of fun. Say hi to Temo.

The Umbrella Bar: Friday Night Captain Chaos Sessions: 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 31st October from 7.30pm.

Castlemaine Jazz Festival: The Buzz

Hoping to have the playing schedule out this week. There is a real buzz about the sleepy old ‘burg; and all of sudden June 7th and 8th seems very close.

Volunteers: If anyone would like to put their hand up for Door Manager, Stage Manager, Minibus Driver or Box Office, either contact me ( or Jacqueline Brodie Hanns (Volunteer co-ordinator) on

Jam Sessions: We will be holding late night jam sessions at the Comma on the Saturday and Sunday after the scheduled bands have finished – even if you are not playing with a registered band, we would love it if any musos want to step in.

This week’s featured band:
Jeremy Marozeau Quintet
Jeremy will be debuting some originals with a classy line-up:
Kepler Ryan on Clarinet/Alto Sax
Agus Batara on Piano
Brae Grimes on Trumpet
Chelsea Allen on Drums
Jeremy Marozeau Double bass




The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 7th and 8th 2014

So far, 25 bands have registered an interest, including Marek and the Arachnids, Sevil Sabah, the Divine Miss Smith, Stan Van H and the boys. And You?

Share it on ya Facebook page, ( log in to the CJF website above and hot the Facebook icon) , tweet the crap out of all ya friends, whack it on LinkedIn if that’s ya thing.

From the MSO

Hi there,

I hope you are well.  My name is Erica and I am getting touch on behalf of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as I thought you may be interested in the upcoming MSO Pops concert series, given there us a particular focus on Jazz this year.

On that note – the MSO Pops concert series has been reimagined for 2014 to bring it more in scope with a Broadway/Musical/Jazz theme paired with a  vintage glamour to appeal to a broad range of  Melburnians, from passionate  music lovers through to those who just love a good night out on the town.   In 2014, MSO Pops includes the very best of jazz trumpet with legendary James Morrison, unforgettable musical theatre tunes and all-American greatest hits with Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart.

There are three concerts in the MSO Pops series, which are held at Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall at 7pm on the Saturday, followed by a matinee session on the Sunday.  The first concert is A Journey Through Jazz: From Louis Armstrong to Herbie Hancock and will be held on Saturday 8th March  at 7pm, followed by a matinee on Sunday 9th March at 2pm

The following concerts are in June and then November, with the full program listed here:

I can absolutely provide images or interview as you wish, along with greater information about the series. I would be more than happy to look at arranging tickets, should you wish to attend the concerts.

We’re really keen to let people know that there is a subscription offer available, which reduces the cost of the series somewhat.  Obviously this is only relevant up until the first concert, so that people get the whole series.

I thought it might also be worth mentioning that we’re currently holding a competition in which everyone who buys a subscription or a ticket to the first concert gets the chance to win a trip toe ‘the home of jazz’, New Orleans… And who wouldn’t want to win that? (OK yes, I’m biased!)

I’d love the opportunity to chat this through with you further to gauge your  interest in supporting the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and even potentially chat through some ideas. A blog post in the lead up to the first concert would be ace, but we’d love any support you’re willing to give across your community to #MSOPops

Given the first concert is a less than a fortnight away, keen to move very quickly so by all means feel free to call me directly if you have questions or if there is someone else to whom I should direct my query.

Thanks so much for making it to the end of this email and I do hope we can work together to spread some MSO love to the peeps of Melbourne.



Castlemaine Jazz Festival, we know when, but not why…

The Festival website ( has already received the first ten band registrations, although we are still ironing out the teething problems (do dentists use irons?). The initial response has been rather more enthusiastic than we had envisaged, which is great. If you are busy at work, why not surreptitiously sneak a peek at the Web site instead of doinbg somnething productive – you will feel better for it, and so will we.
Castlemaine Jazz Festival 7th – 8th June 2014 – another silly idea by the Melbourne Jazz Jammers coming to fruition in a gorgeous country town, somewhere near you…
And that, as someone once said, is the news from Sleepy Hollow.

Chet Baker

The year was 1988. Most people were still buying LPs, though CDs were starting to eat up more and more space in record stores. Jazz sections were fairly thin on older recording from the ’50s. Most record companies were struggling to make money in limited space with new releases, and CD catalogues were in their infancy. Though the analog-to-digital conversion process hadn’t kicked into high gear yet, CDs clearly were the future. Into this digital dawn came Let’s Get Lost—a black-and-white documentary on Chet Baker directed by photographer Bruce Weber. Everyone who saw it was affected by the humid portrait of the romantic but tortured trumpeter. Suddenly, a generation of young East Coast fans new to the music were exposed to West Coast jazz and all of its tattered charms. Not long after the film came out and began generating interest, Baker CDs came rushing into print.

If you’ve never seen Let’s Get Lost, here’s your chance. It’s easy to forget how influential the film was and how it re-ignited interest in Los Angeles jazz in the ’50s… – See more at:


What Are You Woodshedding #3?

Weekly Test – what contrafacts were they?:

Last week’s mystery tunes, and their sources, were:

  • Bird of Paradise (Charlie      Parker) derived from          All The Things You Are
  • Rhythm-a-ning(Thelonious Monk)                             I Got Rhythm
  • Dig (Jackie Mc Lean)                                                  Sweet Georgia Brown
  • Quicksilver (Horace Silver)                                         Lover Come Back To Me
  • Westwood Walk (Gerry Mulligan)                             Fine and Dandy

How did you go??
Have you tried playing them now you know where they’ve come from?

For next week, put your mind to work on:

  • Ko Ko (Charlie Parker) derived      from                        
  • Evidence (Thelonious Monk)
  • Parisienne Thoroughfare (Bud Powell)
  • Groovin’ High (Dizzy Gillespie)
  • Cotton Tail (Duke Ellington)


More next week!…..

Wangaratta Jazz Festival

Expressions of Interest for Wangaratta Jazz Festival

Last year 15 jammers performed at various venues on the fringes of the festival. We had a great time and also managed to get to a few of the international acts. Please e-mail me on if you wish to be involved this year and indicate if you are willing to share accommodation.


Standing Tall – 28th Sept

Hi All

“Standing Tall” has a new gig in September. It will be on September 28th (Yes, Grand Final Night!) at Ruby’s Music Room on the corner of Bennett’s Lane and Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

The gig will comprise 3 thirty minute sets from 8.30 to 11pm (Ruby’s likes 30 minute breaks so that people can mingle at the bar).

“Standing Tall” is an exciting new band that plays the kind of jazz popular in the 60’s and 70’s when it was toying with funk and latin rhythms – think Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, The Crusaders, Eddie Harris and Joe Zawinul. Led by bassist Stan van Hooft and propelled by percussionist Dean Constable, it features Yassin Eltahir on guitar, Julian Driscoll on trumpet, and Laurie Savage on hot R’n’B saxophone. Driving jazz and funky grooves are guaranteed.

Ruby’s is a wonderful room – a long way from the sticky carpet of the Brunswick Hotel – where people actually listen to the music with close attention.
See you there!

Standing Tall – thanks

Hello All
thank you all for the support you have given to my band, “Standing Tall” during its recent gigs. I have made a recording of our last performance, selected four of the best tunes, and posted them on facebook. You can have a listen at!/SvH.StandingTall

or at:


Hope you enjoy them. I will let you know when we have a new gig coming up.
Cheers Stan